To begin the fragments project exploration into a collection of objects with significant personal meaning will be under taken.


Object 1. ‘Dolphin name badge’, shoplifted from London Aquarium during school trip, aged 7 (1996).

This object is of particular significance due it being my first recalled memory of theft. There’s also a good story attached to my acquirement of it. During the school holidays whilst on a play scheme trip to London Aquarium I stole this dolphin name badge. Later that day another child at the play scheme warned me that Eve, the head of play centre, was looking for me and that I was in big troubled. Suddenly I began to feel sick with worry as I believed I had been clocked for the theft…mum will go ape shit at me when she finds out.

I decided that honesty would be the best policy and was about to go and find Eve, no sooner had I thought this Eve came out of the elevator looking very angry, “WHERE’S SEAN”, she shouted, “HE’S IN VERY BIG TROUBLE”. I put my hand up and she shouted, “NOT YOU, THE OTHER SEAN”, walking away. Off the hook, a massive sense of relief washed over me, accompanied by a rush of endorphins.


Object 2. ‘Homebase paint stripper’, also shoplifted, from Homebase, aged 21 (2010).


Object 3. ‘Ship lighter’, found on the platform of Kentish Town tube station (2016).


Object 4. ‘London Brick Co. brick’, given for use in an installation by builders refurbishing a victorian house (2015).


Object 5. ‘Dj Hypeizm 1993 tape’, recording of pirate radio set by Dj Hype (1993).


Object 6. ‘Metal protect chrome caps’, fragments of shoplifted spray paint (2006 – 2010).

Unfortunately these fragments were lost on 27/2/16. A new opportunistic approach to the project based on chance was taken up.

A friend’s bicycle had been padlocked by another cyclist on Regent Street, after 28 hours he called for help. A plan was devised to free the bicycle and place a new combination lock on the other cyclists bike, this would prevent possible theft.

Screens shots from the video of the bike lock being cut.

The video was then uploaded to instagram with the caption ‘At Regent Street on the chore today’; this implies that the bike was being stolen. The video received 34 likes.

The fragment of video from the wider situation with lack of information regarding the trapped bicycle and the insinuated theft provide an interesting context, totally different to the truth. Misinterpretation of information could be an interesting avenue to explore.

Whilst sharing ideas with other students in the studio masking tape was mention as drawing material. To explore different materials and process a small sculpture of the lost dolphin badge was fashioned out masking tape, this was then photographed with string to produce a stop motion animation.

Exhibition visits – Julian Charrriere: For They That Sow the Wind @ Parasol Unit

The space was impressive with multiple rooms and levels. The artist used a wide range of materials and mediums to convey ideas. The lithium salt stacks in ‘Future Fossil Spaces’ were of particular interest, they share a similar form to the hexagon South Bank column sculpture from my solo show RAW.

IMG_5364 IMG_5365

‘Future Fossil Spaces’, 2014


South Bank column from RAW, 2015

Venturing Beyond: Graffiti and the Everyday Utopias of the Street

Although containing work from friends, Mike Ballard and Petro, Venturing Beyond is just another top end exhibition trying to canonize and comodify graffiti culture for the ‘art crowd’.  Full of now largely in-active graffiti writers and lacking the energetic emergency of graffiti, the exhibition is just a glorified version of Shatter-Proof; an exhibition curated by myself and containing fellow crew members of the Venturing Beyond artists. This critique aside, it is good that some of UK graffiti’s oldskool greats are having their work recognized and being shown at a prestigious institution.

IMG_5367 IMG_5368

Petro TFW

I am also greatful trhat the show featured work from Jason Revok; His transition from graffiti into art introduced me to contemporary american painters such as Frank stella and has provided inspiration for a lot of my early work.

IMG_5370 IMG_5373

IMG_5371 IMG_5372

Jason Revok

Due to multiple interviews and other fragmented projects making had slowed. Talking with other students led to Greg suggesting to watch Eckhart Tolle and just try to be present, then make work without much thought.

This resulted in simple marker pen drawings on paper which I later developed into a woodwork carving.

IMG_5466 IMG_5467 IMG_5468 IMG_5469 IMG_5471 IMG_5472 IMG_5473 IMG_5477

Whilst preparing a portfolio for an interview an old idea jotted on paper was found. IMG_5582

After watching Waldemar Januszczak’s BBC 4 program The Renaissance Unchained, pointing reference to Da Vince paintings were collaged along with iconography relating to cockney rhyming slang.


Finally the cut bike lock was installed alongside the video from Instagram for class crit.






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